Instances and unexpected encounters are a constant source of  wonder and inspiration for my work. The complex circumstances of a  life are tied to rhythms, patterns, dreams, wishes, and physical reality. We each exist on many levels simultaneously, with complex relationships and interactions.

     I prefer to evoke ideas that are metaphoric and poetic, rather than to describe. I think the many facets of an experience - an individual’s voice, a string of notes, a sudden motion, transitions and  rhythms – are all elements capable of revealing insights about our worlds. I try to capture a sense of fleeting time, a glimpse of parts that suggest the whole, and the energy of a continuum. I hope to create a work where color, texture, and mark offer the observer an absorbing entrance to their own experiences and thoughts.

    I seize upon nuances from my surroundings and life as points of departure. I simplify shapes to suggest their recognizable relatives, and I hope to generate more than one interpretation.

    Line is important in my work and I envision it as a generative, time-based element. I attempt to weave together a surface of elements to create energy, tempo, and spatial relationships. Color is also a spatial, emotional and map-like factor.

    I endeavor to employ visual elements that will enable subtle dynamic changes of the visual hierarchy over time in order to create a continued dialogue.